Blythe, the Warrior

"Tough, devastating fighter"

The Warrior (real name of Blythe) is one of the six classes within the game Wayward Souls, and is one of the melee classes in the game.

About the Warrior Edit

The Warrior is the general character of the hack and slash playstyle. He utilizes with three weapons, his sword, axe and shield-- All of which can be upgraded at an ember forge and his character upgrades.

Character Guide Edit

Information Edit

He is the class a newcomer to a game will often play is one that is both forgiving yet powerful, simple enough for a newbie to play yet still retaining a moderately high skill cap. The Warrior is the most powerful class in the game (both literally and in terms of playstyle). He requires virtually no tricky movement (Rogue/Spellsword dashing) or camping (Mage/Cultist). Just run in and slash them to death. His gameplay in general is slow and formulaic.

Pros Edit

  • Not counting characters with projectiles, the warrior boasts the longest weapon range in the game. He can stand safely outside the range of almost every melee attack and just slash away until the enemy is dead. Enemies that are too dangerous to approach even with this range can be dealt with in a couple of seconds with a few throwing axes.
  • He hits hard. Disproportionately hard. Even with that safe attack range, the warrior does about as much damage as the Mage (when she doesn't have her fire rate-boosting upgrades, the flame/ice staves). This ensures that you won't have to spend too much time circling and strafing through enemy attacks just to land a stray hit in here and there (Rogue, sometimes Cultist/Adventurer).
  • The Warrior has the 2nd highest HP bar in the entire game. Being the designated beginner class also demands that he must be forgiving to the player. He can dish out extreme damage yet also take it without breaking a sweat.
  • The shield's properties are strange - swiping down at any moment will bring it out, even if you are midway through a sword swing. When upgraded, it can block attacks yet still retain its charge. If you use it intelligently (don't just walk around with it always on when enemies are in the room, it slows you down and makes you more vulnerable to attacks), you can be virtually invincible. It is recommended only upgrading the shield if you can have either the 'thorny' one (deals damage to melee attackers, is light) or the 'obsidian' one (increased protection against melee attacks). You should not be getting hit by magic bolts. Dodging any ranged attacks just involves circling the enemy until they're done firing their shot and going in for the kill during their cooldown.
  • Throwing axes are helpful for the warrior as it adds onto the class as a ranged attack. If you can, get the upgrade where they pierce enemies, but otherwise they can be used them to lure out monsters from outside a room.
  • The power attack is a far-reaching move that is good for dealing with large groups of enemies. Try to hold off on using it until either all of the ranged enemies in the room are dead or there is a 'lull' in their attack pattern.
  • He doesn't require much thinking or quick reflexes. Even if you don't keep proper spacing (keep enemies at least as far away as the far edge of your blade) when attacking, all you have to do is swipe down and you're instantly invincible.

Cons Edit

  • His attacks come out very slowly in comparison to the other classes (besides mage, which has the casting lag). It's a fair debuff when you consider his power/range.

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