Wayward Souls developer RocketCat Games has promised multiple content updates that will add significantly to the game's variety and replayabiility. This page will document previous updates, the game's current version, and give a general idea of what updates will bring in the future.

Current VersionEdit

1.00 - The original version of the game released on the App Store.

Previous Versions/UpdatesEdit


Future UpdatesEdit

Major Content Updates:

1-Diamond Dungeon (4th dungeon), buff to Saint Statues, balancing updates: will also include multiple character buffs for Warrior, Rogue, and Mage's forge upgrades, and a nerf to Warrior's shield stock and reacquisition from item chests. (Implemented)

2-Gauntlet (short, extremely difficult dungeon), Arena (unclear what the Arena entails, exactly), Endless Mode (endless floors)(Implemented), controller support

3-Paladin Class playable with its own unique, increased-difficulty dungeons (semi-secret class), Pets (temporary stat boosters), Monster Shopkeeper (use coins to buy consumable, temporary upgrades while in dungeons)

  • Some content subject to being prioritized or delayed to a different update. The content will come when it's ready.

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