Saint Statues are currently found rarely in the Bronze and Silver Dungeons. When approached and interacted with, they grant the player a stat buff until the player either is hit or goes to the next floor. In a coming update, statues will be found more frequently, and their effects will transfer over to the next floor if the player is able to keep it until they find the stairs. Additionally, a fourth type of statue will appear if the player obtains all three effects at once and keeps them until the next floor.

Statue Types & Effects

Saint Ultorius - "...grants you blazing furor!"

Ultorius makes the player's attacks somewhat stronger until they are hit once. When the player hit, they take no damage, but loses the buff.

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Saint Arxius - "...grants you unyielding protection!"

Arxius gives the player a limited shield that protects them from a certain number of hits before vanishing.


Saint Nuntia - "...grants you vigorous haste!"

Nuntia gives the player haste, slightly increasing their movement speed and energy regeneration rate until they are hit once. When the player is hit, they take no damage, but lose the buff.