Overview Edit

Added in Update 1.3, pets are temporary stat boosters that can be found in a dungeon. When a chest is generated, it has a chance of instead being a cage. Breaking the cage creates a random pet on the pedestal. Completing, failing, or exiting a dungeon causes the pet to lost. Some pets have an upgraded version that gives better bonuses.


List Edit

Fairy: +10% Energy Regen

Sparkling Fairy: +15% Energy Regen

Lost Soul: +10% Buff Duration

Bloodsoul: +15% Buff Duration

Slime spawn: + 7% buff duration, +7 Health

Rat: +5% Extra Loot Chance (chance for double item drops)

Brown rat: + 5% extra loot chance

Puppy: Pounces on enemies

Bat: +5 Health, +7% Energy Regen

Pig: +10% Coins

Amber Slug: +10 Health

Bogslug: Max Health +15

Fire Sprite: Similar to Scroll of Summon Sprite, no time limit

Fire Salamander: +10 Health Recovery per floor

Duck : +X% runspeed, +10 Health Recovery per floor

Spider: +?% Running Speed, ???

Fenner Cat: +2% Critical Hit Chance

Black Cat: +4% Critical Hit Chance

Rocketcat: +2% Critical Hit Chance, Attacks with a heavy pounce

Gnomey: ? (found him but forgot what he does)

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