Abbie, the Mage

"Powerful, fragile wizard."

The Mage (real name of Abbie) is one of the six classes within the game Wayward Souls, and is one of the magic caster classes in the game.

About the Mage Edit

Abbie is the general magic caster within the game, utilizing a staff and two extra abilities at her side, she proves as a valuable ranged character for players. Although generally weak in terms of health, her damage and range should over weigh such negative attribute.

Character Guide Edit

Information Edit

The first of the 'camp and lure' classes, the Mage has the lowest HP in the game. For lack of a better term, she is a 'glass cannon' - dishing out massive amounts of damage (especially when you have upgraded to the fire/ice staves), yet is punished very hard for mistakes.

Pros Edit

  • The Mage boasts the longest standard attack range in the entire game.
  • Abbie's offensive ability is excellent for pushing back a small group of melee attackers that are rushing you.

Cons Edit

  • The Mage's HP bar is abysmal to the point where you cannot play an offensive Mage in the Catacombs, as it's easy to die if you play in such style.
  • Spamming your spells wildly can lead to Abbie becoming vulnerable, without her mana she cannot attack without using her spells.

Tips Edit

  • When you do inevitably come across a room that you cannot camp in the corners and take potshots in, just strafe through/around the attacks until you find an opportunity to launch off a shot or two or use your offensive ability.
  • The defensive 'wind' spell is nice for getting charging zombie knights and those things that fire 1-4 shots at a time off your back for a bit.
  • There is never any reason for you to go within the attack range of an enemy. Any situation where this occurs is either 'forced' (i.e. you are in a room with the invisible rushers that stab you, etc), or you have simply made a mistake. Your modus operandi should consist of 'camping out' the enemy whenever the opportunity arises.

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