Rocketcat created many different tile sets to keep the game's randomized dungeons fresh. In addition to looking pretty, however, floor themes can bring unique enemies, traps, and patterns.

List of ThemesEdit

Bronze Dungeon- The Mines Edit

Mines- Glume miners, bats, lifters... all the standard enemies of the Bronze Dungeon.

Golems- Robots everywhere!

Mossy Drudgeland- The versatile species of jerks. Buffers, warriors, mages, these little dudes have it all.

Cliffs- Expect to see orcs here.

Boarlands- Watch for feral pigs and their dead skeletons. And... mage boars?

Silver Dungeon- The Tower Edit

Castle- The standard Silver Dungeon theme, the castle holds knights, hidden thiefs, and grotesques, usually.

Storeroom- A spinoff of the castle theme, essentially.

Jails- Also house drudges galore.

Slimes- Expect to see... slimes. Obviously.

Library- Refuge for magic casters. Flying books, charging skull slimes, and enemy mages will all shoot out magic projectiles at you.

Gold Dungeon- The Catacombs Edit

Catacombs- The standard Gold Dungeon theme. Possibly the worst theme. Contains invisible assassins, jumping cactii, resurrecting stabbers, and bolt-shooting balloons (not official names).

Undead- Self-explanatory. Have fun with wraiths, zombies, zombie warriors, and skeletons!

Cultists- This fiery, lava-ridden theme is home to skeletons, cultists, imps, and giant flaming demons.

Homuculus- Home to faceless enemies and chattering piles, this theme is more disturbing than it is difficult (which can still be quite high depending on enemy arrangement).

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