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Bosses are the guardians of each dungeon's final floor. They each have unique fighting styles, strengths, and weaknesses that need to be learned before they can successfully be defeated.

General Boss TipsEdit

  • Avoiding damage in a boss fight is much more important than getting in that extra hit on the boss. Unless you have a stockpile of abilities to waste on a boss, the fight might last a decent length of time, meaning survival is key. 
  • That being said, being somewhat aggressive with stockpiled items is a great way to reduce the boss's health or threat level without much risk. If you have items or abilities with available ammo, don't be stingy. You're not going to need them when you beat the boss! Unless you are in the labyrinth, then you need to save as much as you can.
  • Prepare for the boss fight before reaching the final floor. This means you should be conscientious of what items you might want to bring to the fight as you are trekking through the dungeon, and preserve those if you can. Of course, if you absolutely have to use an item to survive, go ahead- you won't be able to beat the boss anyways if you can't get to it!
  • Having a lot of health is not a requirement for a successful boss defeat, but it definitely does not hurt. A skilled player can beat a boss virtually every time they meet, but even then they will often get hit by a momentary lapse in concentration. Until you can beat a boss consistently, high health is a great supplement to your effort. Whatever you do, however, do NOT rely on your health bar to get you through the fight.
  • Don't lose focus when you get to the final floor of a dungeon, as there will be one or two final rooms of enemies on that floor. Losing all or most of your health right before you face the boss is both extremely disheartening and very annoying-all that effort potentially gone to waste. Again, play the final floor as you have played the previous floors, and you should be fine.

Boss Descriptions & StrategiesEdit

Bronze Boss - HumphreyEdit

The ghost of Baron Amaranth's butler, the giant Humphrey attacks with a suitably large hammer. He has a variety of attacks, including a simple hammer swing hitting directly in front of Humphrey's orientation, a hammer swing that sends out three small shockwaves in a fan shape from the area of impact, a 'short' jump towards the player that sends out a large circular shockwave with limited range, and a 'high' jump where Humphrey jumps up out of view, coming down on the player (or where the player used to be if you're moving) and sending out eight small shockwaves with extreme range in both cardinal and intermediate directions.  Humphrey's 'tells', or indicators that he will use a specific attack, include a distinct charging noise to indicate a hammer attack with shockwaves (as opposed to a hammer attack without shockwaves), and flashing white to indicate a jump attack.

When Humphrey lifts his hammer for either of his hammer attacks, the key to not getting hit is to not be in front of Humphrey. Simply moving to Humphrey's side or back will avoid the attack, and give you a moment of leeway to attack him without retaliation. When Humphrey begins either of his jump attacks, start running immediately. If the jump is 'short', keep running away as long as possible until he lands. If the jump is 'high', he will land with his eight-directional shockwaves. The best way to avoid this is to be moving straight in one direction until right before he lands, and then switching direction by ninety degrees for a moment. Performing this correctly should put you in one of the eight shockwave-free zones. Attack him while he is between attacks or  facing another direction, and then get out of the way!

Humphrey appears on floor 5 of the Mines, and floor 15 of the Labyrinth.

Silver Boss - AmaranthEdit

The persisting phantom of Baron Amaranth, whose mind has been warped over years and years under the strain of keeping an ancient spirit at bay. Amaranth has a few tricks up his armored, ghostly sleeve. He summons knights to fight for him and just generally be obstacles in your movement around the field of battle. He also teleports occasionally off screen, reappearing with a charge attack already charged up and rushing at the player with his sword. Amaranth's sword is his primary means of attack, and he uses a couple different techniques to attack. If the player approaches Amaranth too closely, Amaranth will attack with a simple, stationary sword 


swipe. He also has two variations on his rushing charge: he either charges up for a long dash across the field, or performs a chain of three very short-range rushes- he can change direction between each portion of his triple rush. 

Amaranth's knights are pushovers, largely because he can hurt them himself, and break their shields, with his attacks. Amaranth's attacks have a fairly large range for a melee sword, so he can hit multiple knights in one attack- they only take a couple hits from him to go down. There is an endless supply of knights, but they are a fairly minor issue overall. When Amaranth teleports, the only thing you can really do is run laps around the arena until he shows up, and then run directly away from him. Amaranth's proximity swipe has a fairly slow reaction time, so getting a melee attack or two or three in is not impossible if you rush at him between his special attacks. When he begins one of his two charge attacks, the best action to take is to simply flee as far away as possible. If he is in a corner of the screen, go to the opposite corner, because while his charge attacks cover quite a distance overall, they aren't all-reaching. Finally, it is really recommended that you use ranged attacks or abilities if possible to keep distance from his greatsword for as long as possible. If you're incapable of doing ranged attacks, don't fret, as careful positioning and strategic attack timing should prevail. 

Baron Amaranth appears on floor 7 of the Tower, and floor 17 of the Labyrinth. 

Gold Boss - The King of Thorns (The Bearer)Edit

The revived, malevolent spirit of the king of an ancient kingdom, the Bearer possesses and sustains the young body of Sophia, Baron Amaranth's magically gifted daughter. Where Amaranth was a physically-oriented boss, the Bearer's attacks are completely magical. The Bearer has a variety of attack patterns. He/She/It can shoot a stream of high-arcing purple shots that land on the ground to form lingering, damgaing purple puddles. Shoots a fan of five slow, but long range shots. Shoots a burst of 8 bolts in all directions, sometimes with straight paths out from the Bearer, some times with curved paths clockwise. Shoots five shots in succession, starting with a small width and medium speed, and increasing in both attributes with each shot. Can self-detonate in a medium range, red explosion while teleporting to another location.

By far the easiest strategy for any character is to bring one or two Aged Hourglasses with you into the boss fight. This 'strategy' is almost always possible with every character, because there are 9 floors before the fight that each house multiple item chests- it's very likely that you will find an Aged Hourglass in one of those item chests. The Aged Hourglass nullifies enemy magic, and since the Bearer is a completely magical boss, it essentially nullifis the boss's threat to nonexistence. Use your Hourglass, run up to the boss, and smack it in the face with whatever weapon you've got over and over until the boss screams at the injustice of it all. It's worth noting that even with the Hourglass, it is possible for the boss's fastest moving attacks (the final shot in the five-shot increasing speed succession, and the teleporting energy blast) to hit you before they are nullified if you are extremely close to the boss.

It is still very possible to beat the boss if you don't have an Aged Hourglass, however, so do not despair if you find yourself going into the fight without a trusty Hourglass.

The King of Thorns appears on floor 8 of the Catacombs, and floor 19 of the Labyrinth.

Diamond Boss- The Shadow Edit

The Shadow is part of a larger group of beings like him, that lured you into the Labyrinth, and tempts you with an offer to join them. The offer differs between classes. The Shadow only has one attack, which is small bolts of poison falling from the sky and doing minor area damage. He summons medium sized groups of enemies from any of the other areas. (Mines, tower, drudges, etc.) Once you have defeated all of the enemies, The Shadow appears, and you have a short amount of time to hit him before he summons more enemies and fades away. He repeats this process, occasionally attacking you while you fight the other enemies, until one of you is dead.

All in all, The Shadow is one of the easier bosses in the game. The groups of enemies are fairly small, and all you have to do to avoid his attacks is not stand in the same place for too long. You should only need to defeat three or four waves of enemies before you can deal enough damage to him. Scrolls of fireball for fighting the clusters of enemies, and poison potions for the boss will quickly win you the battle, but any character that can make it to him should have no problem in defeating him.

The Shadow appears on floor 20 of the Labyrinth.